Ulla Wiggen

In the early 1960s Ulla Wiggen created a suite of paintings depicting electronic components and computers. She explored this world when hardly anyone could predict how digital technology would revolutionize our daily lives. Shortly afterwards, in 1966, she participated in the performances 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering in New York assisting Öyvind Fahlström, whose radical view of art was of great importance to her. In 1969 she started painting humans and then made a series of portraits. She also became a licensed psychotherapist, which became her primary vocation until 2013 when she after an exhibition with her previous paintings at the Moderna Museet decided to resumed her artistry after 30 years break. Since then, her focus on the computer's interior and the human exterior has shifted to the inside of the human body and increasingly focused on the brain and iris of the eye.

Texts: Daniel Birnbaum, Peter Cornell, Sabeth Buchmann, Caleb Considine
Translations: Ben Caton, Anna Tebelius
Copy-editing: David Price
2022, English, hardcover
108 pages, 30 x 26 cm