Cecilia Edefalk

Photography 227 Months / Fotografi 227 månader

Cecilia Edefalk may be best known for her painting, but her work is characterized by a photographer’s eye. When she delves the depths and explores the limits of the medium, the analogue photographic process becomes an investigation into man’s ambivalent nature and how the self relates to the world.

Photography 227 Months was created by Cecilia Edefalk in close collaboration with Maja Kölqvist and is unique in that it deals exclusively with her photography. The artist speaks to August Strindberg, Prince Eugen, and a dandelion, while texts by Estelle av Malmborg and Daniel Birnbaum, as well as a conversation between the artist and Anders Johansson shed new light on Edefalks practice.

Editor: Estelle av MalmborgContributors: Daniel Birnbaum, Estelle av Malmborg, Anders Johansson, Cecilia Edefalk
Art and Theory Publishing 2017