Jonas Dahlberg

An Imagined City

When I think of a specific location or find myself in a certain place in a city, I often envision a scene from a movie. It could be anywhere: the lawns of a park, a gas station counter, a check-in desk of an airport or a hotel, the entrance stairs of a school or a city hall, the tombstones of a graveyard. Or, pushing a button in an elevator, ordering a drink in a bar, waiting in line at the supermarket.

I would now like to ask you to share one of your memories of a room or of a site in a film. How do you remember its architecture, furniture, objects, light, and sound, its atmosphere?

What interests me is how images from films, memories and your immediate surroundings coincide in layers . Distinct, yet blended. Emulsions of memory and space.

Kind regards,
Jonas Dahlberg

Rotolito Lombarda S.P.A / Nava Press, Milan 

Art and Theory Publishing 2018